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In addition, MRI makes it possible to detect a cyst even in cases where the patient does not yet have any manifestations, and the cyst itself is only a few millimeters in size.

Despite the fact that MRI diagnostics using a contrast agent provides the doctor with the necessary information, the risk of error still exists. It is associated primarily with the doctor's lack of sildenafil pills experience in interpreting MRI results and identifying cysts. Not a single patient is immune from such errors, and they happen both in large cities and in small towns.

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The National Teleradiology Network (NTRS) offers you the opportunity to get advice from the country's leading specialists in the field of MRI diagnostics, who have extensive experience in analyzing tomographic images of various diseases. To get a consultation, you just need to upload the scan results to our server and in a day you will receive an opinion that is alternative to the opinion of your doctor.

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In this situation, the only way to eliminate an error or at least reduce its probability by several times is to get a second opinion from a highly qualified specialist.

It may be the same as the first medical opinion, it may be different from it, but the second opinion will definitely allow you to reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and improper treatment to almost zero. Why is an arachnoid cyst dangerous and is it possible to live with it? Malignant and benign neoplasms can form in the human brain. Benign include such a type of viagra pills as an arachnoid cyst (in some sources - an arachnoid cerebrospinal fluid cyst). We will discuss in detail the causes, symptoms and treatment of this disease in this article.

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The classification of the disease has several divisions. In particular, according to the location of the cyst, there are: Arachnoid cyst of the brain. Retrocerebellar CSF arachnoid cyst of the brain.

The main difference is that the arachnoid retrocerebellar cyst of the brain is located in the depths of the brain, while the usual one is on its surface.


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The main distinguishing features of these cysts are as follows: Normal, develops on the surface, and retrocerebellar inside the brain at the site of death of viagra 100mg matter. With a retrocerebellar type of disease, the brain can be destroyed even without surgical intervention, despite the fact that the cyst is a benign neoplasm.

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